Welcome to Our Wonderful World Of Bread ! 

                                        Our Breads are Cultured !


Bread Baking Workshops

Come and share Fordabelli’s Passion for Real, Scratch Baked Breads


  • In our 1 day, Fun Filled, Workshops, we offer you the opportunity to experience producing your very own breads from “Scratch”, either by hand mixing the dough or in a spiral mixer and baking it in either the Wood-Fired or Rack oven.
  • Number of attendees is restricted to a Maximum of 10.


  • The Mad Old Baker (MOB), will help guide you through the whole Hands On (In?) process of producing Breads. He will help set any apprehensions of Sourdough and Yeasted Breads aside by showing you how simple the process of Bread Baking can be, using the very basic of ingredients of StoneGround Flour, water, Sourdough / yeast and salt. Throughout the day we will discuss all aspects of bread baking, in layman’s terms, such as Sourdoughs, Yeasts, Flour Types, Fermentation, Shaping, Proofing, Slashing / Scoring and Baking Temperatures and Techniques  We are also able to include subjects such as Flour Milling Processes, Hydration, Bakers Percentage, Autolyse, Dough Temperatures and its calculations and more.

The Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop

  • Dates:       The Second Last Saturday of every month.
  • Scope:       Specifically aimed at producing “The Staff of Life” using Sourdough / Wild Yeasts, Additional to above” Outline”, we will use at least 2 of our 3 different Sourdough Cultures to produce humble breads, as well as explain how to propagate and maintain your own Sourdough Culture.

The Basic / Yeasted Bread Baking Workshop

  • Dates:       The Second Saturday every alternative month, January through to November.
  • Scope:       This Workshop is tailored around the use of Commercial Yeasts and will include various means of enriching the dough. Additional to above “Outline”, we will produce at least 2 different slow fermented bread types, full of character, taste and texture


  • Fordabelli Bakeri, District Philadelphia, Western Cape


  • We supply tea’s & coffee’s, rusks, biscuits and an oven prepared lunch. To take home are various recipes, some information literature, a “Goodie Bag” from Eureka Mills and whatever breads we have produced. Sourdough culture and maintenance instructions will be issued for the Sourdough Workshop only

 To Bring:

  • Yourselves, A Clean Pair of Hands, an Open Mind and a Sense of Humour.
  • Optional are: notebook, pen & calculator, camera and anything else you may wish to bring such as cultures, recipes, books, breads whatever.
  • Please bring your own specific beverages (we can supply glasses & ice).

Info:         email info@fordabelli.co.za or Cell 082 2172431

Visit:         www.facebook.com/fordabelli


  • Special Baking days can be arranged for Block Bookings or Team Building exercises.
  • On Site Training in Your Own Bakery is also possible – please contact us for details.